November 5, 2016

Education Quality

A vital part of Windle’s work is to improve the infrastructure and the quality of education being provided.  Each country has different challenges and Windle responds to the unique needs with an individual country approach.

In Kenya, Windle is working in 89 schools within the host community and runs 12 schools within the refugee camps.  A good example of this work is the KEEP programme.

Uganda accepts refugees into settlements, this is a far more beneficial situation than refugee camps and allows  refugees to work and farm land and to try to support themselves and their families.  With this positive approach to refugees, Windle International Uganda works alongside communities in improving the physical infrastructure of current schools and has recently built 9 new schools – including the prestigious training centre in Gulu.  The schools include accommodation blocks for girls, providing security and removing the threat of long, insecure journeys to and from school.

In South Sudan, Windle Trust International works together with the Government of South Sudan in strengthening both the English Language of teachers, who have changed from teaching in Arabic Juba to teaching in English, and also working to improve the curriculum.


elt kenya

Windle Trust Uganda has partnered with STIR to improve the quality of teaching in refugee settlements across Uganda.

STIR  has an innovative approach to improve teacher motivation and professionalism using networks and sharing fundamental classroom practices that help teachers provide a better quality of education for their students.  Learn more about this approach

Together with Juba University and the Ministry of Education, Windle in South Sudan is planning to develop and implement an inservice teacher-training programme for secondary school teachers.

This is a pioneering approach undertaken with the Open University designed to meet a major training need as the secondary sector expands whilst ensuring that quality is maintained.

UNHCR Teacher Training

elt kenya

UNICEF/Global Partnership in Education and PLSP support Windle to improve the quality of teachers in South Sudan.  As part of the education in emergencies UNICEF programme, teachers and schools are provided with essential resources.