March 29, 2016

Leader in Education

Windle offers access to education to help overcome the legacy of conflict.

Windle was established in Kenya by Dr. Hugh Pilkington in response to the devastating impact war was having on generations of refugees.  Denied access to education, their future was bleak and Windle set out to offer educational provision and scholarships to conflict-affected individuals in East Africa.  Windle also invests in and selects exceptional scholars who are committed to making a difference in their communities.  Windle Scholars have returned to their countries of origin – when conflict-resolution allowed for this – and are now being the ‘change-makers’, working together to strengthen infrastructure and peace across their societies.

Windle is now a recognised leader in educational provision for refugees and conflict-affected people by governments and other NGOs across East Africa.

Windle alumni have become leaders across East Africa in

  • government and ministries
  • schools and higher educational establishments
  • environment and wildlife protection
  • hospitals and medical practices
  • human rights law and legal institutions
  • civil engineering
  • Church and other religious institutions
  • development and aid organisations


Windle works across the refugee camps/settlements in East Africa, managing primary and secondary education programmes in collaboration with UNHCR and other NGOs and also provides for vulnerable communities from the host populations and conflict-affected countries such as South Sudan.  This educational support highlights the outstanding candidates with exceptional capability, who can then apply to Windle for tertiary educational scholarships and further elite post-graduate opportunities inspiring them to become the leaders and ‘change-makers’ within their communities.

Windle provides these opportunities to transform lives and bring about lasting change.

Videos of the work of Windle

Utrecht Windle Teacher Training

Utrecht University, ICEFIL and Windle Kenya – Teacher Training in Kakuma Refugee Camp

Girls Education

Girl’s Education with Windle Trust in Kakuma, in collaboration with World University Service of Canada and 60million Girls Foundation.

Keeping hopes and aspirations alive

An insight into life at Nakivale Refugee Settlement where Windle is supporting refugees’ access to education, sport and training – with excellent facilities.

All About Windle

Jeremy Vine presents a short clip on the work of Windle in Kakuma Refugee Camp.

Angelina Jolie School in Kakuma

Windle Trust Kenya manages the teachers and schooling in the Angelina Jolie school in Kakuma and provides secondary and tertiary level education for refugees in both Kakuma and Dadaab.  The need is huge and the work is only addressing a small proportion of that need.

Rebuilding Society

The Hon. Deng Deng Hoc Yai, Minister for the Environment in South Sudan was a Windle Scholar.  Here he is talking at a Windle event that took place in Juba, 2015 about giving back and being the positive change that you would want to see.

Dr John Biar

Dr John Biar, now heading up the Health Service in Yida Refugee Camp talks about graduating as a doctor, supported by Windle Trust and the Highland Foundation, from his start as a young refugee in Kakuma Camp, Kenya.