October 3, 2016


Windle International overall supports more than 1 million refugees and conflict-affected people per year to access education in East Africa.


Windle works to support refugees access education across East Africa.  Refugees are people with hopes and dreams but without the opportunity to learn an entire generation is at risk.

  • Training refugees for future roles in rebuilding their society once conflict has subsided inspires individuals to look toward a peaceful and prosperous future.  Education allows them to work towards this and to address the challenges that face them on return to their country.

WINDLE raises millions every year to provide educational support to refugees and conflict-affected individuals in East Africa and is a leading provider of education for refugees in the region.

  • Windle works throughout extreme and insecure environments to ensure educational provision continues for conflict-affected people and Windle is one of the few international NGOs that has retained a presence in South Sudan in all 10 states.
  • Windle works hard to maintain a gender balance overall and runs tailored programmes to support girls into education whilst working closely with schools to ensure that they are ‘girl-friendly’.
  • Windle supports the surrounding vulnerable host communities near the refugee camps to access equal educational opportunities as well as the refugees, thereby defusing tensions between the local and refugee populations.

Allocation of funds

  • 32% secondary education
  • 15% post-graduate scholarships
  • 15% graduate scholarships
  • 13% primary education
  • 10% school improvements
  • 10% teacher-training
  • 4% administrative and governance costs
  • 3% fundraising costs

Average Gender Balance

  • Boys receiving support from Windle
  • Girls receiving support from Windle

We need your support

Windle started from one man’s wish to help.

  • Dr Hugh Pilkington saw the desperate plight of refugees in Kenya and started to do what he could as described by Jean-Pierre Hocke, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  

    “A rare and prominent example of one man’s capability to change the human condition through individual effort”.

  • Windle alumni have returned to refugee camps as doctors and teachers; they have returned to their countries as leaders, entrepreneurs and human rights lawyers, working with governments and international aid agencies and in all fields.  The need is vast and Windle addresses just a tiny percentage but one which is growing and growing – with your help.

Your support, no matter how large or small, continues to change the lives of refugees and the future of their countries.

→   Windle overall provides educational services to more than 1 million refugees/conflict-affected people per year.→    Windle in Uganda supports 83 primary schools, 16 secondary schools, 107 early learning centres and a vocational training centre for refugees.

→    Windle in South Sudan supports girls’ education in 1500 schools across Western Equatoria, Lakes State and Upper Nile State.

→    Windle employs over 3,000 staff in its East African offices and programmes – all from the region – with a significant proportion being refugees or former refugees.

→    Windle has educated over 600 refugees/conflict-affected students on UK-based Masters programmes.

→    Windle helped over 5,000 orphans, child-soldiers and other children affected by the LRA get back into education in Northern Uganda.

→    Windle helps hundreds of Somali women learn English each year to improve their life whilst in a refugee camp.

→    Windle has trained over 10,000 teachers in South Sudan.

→    Windle works regionally to support all of East Africa with capacity-building and providing education to the most vulnerable. 


 Refugees in East Africa:  Realising the Potential.