March 31, 2016

How we work

Windle International is a family of Trusts.  We work together and support each other in attaining our common goal of peaceful development in East Africa through educational scholarships and training for refugees and conflict-affected individuals.

The Windle Trusts are held together by a set of common values, an ethos of cooperation, consensus and integrity and a federal structure that allows for a global/local approach and ensures the impact of the Windle Trusts to be greater than the sum of its parts.

A key  principle of Windle is to empower individuals within the region of East Africa.  The International Council of Windle upholds this ethos by ensuring each Windle Trust has its own national Board of Trustees.  The Chairs of each Trust come together on the Council to set the overall strategy for Windle, thereby avoiding any ‘top-down/European-dominated’ structure and ensuring that the people of Africa are the architects of their own future.