September 28, 2016

International Council

Windle Trusts are mutually supportive and equal in outlook.  Each Trust has its own national Board of Trustees and is a national, independent Trust which is a part of a greater whole as Windle International.  The International Council is comprised of the Chairs of the African offices and that of the UK and each has equal status and input into the strategic, overall direction of Windle.

The International Federal Office coordinates the implementation of the Council strategy together with the Executive Directors of each Trust and oversees areas in common such as policy and standards, the distribution of grants between the different Trusts and supports areas where the Windle Trusts work regionally.

The Executive Director of Windle Intl Kenya described the federal structure using the metaphor of a flock of geese:  Each Windle Trust is flying in the same direction, to the same place but support each other on the journey – one Windle Trust may take the lead and then another Windle Trust can take over but by supporting each other on the journey – we all reach the destination.

Fred Ojiambo, Chair Windle Intl Kenya

Senior Partner at the law firm Kaplan&Stratton in Nairobi, Kenya, Fred joined the Board of Trustees for Windle International Kenya in 2002 and became Chair of WIK in 2004.  In June 2017, Fred became the Chair of Windle International.


Malcolm McNeil, Chair Windle Trust (Int) UK.

Malcolm McNeil became Chair of the Board of Windle Trust UK in 2016,  previously a Senior Health Advisor at DfID and prior to that International Director of TearFund, Malcolm brings over twenty years of experience in international development and aid across Africa, South America and other areas of the developing world.

Nicholas Ecimu, Chair Windle Intl Uganda

Nicholas Ecimu is Chair of Windle International Uganda and works as a partner in a law firm in Kampala, Uganda and has a committed interest in education for conflict-affected people.  Nicholas joined the Council on his appointment as Chair to WI Uganda.

Eleanor Horne, Trustee Windle International Council

Eleanor Horne sits on the Council as a family representative of the charity’s founder Hugh Pilkington and is also a trustee of Windle Trust Intl.