November 5, 2016

Education Management

Windle partners with donors and the UN to implement education programmes across East Africa and we are the lead provider of such services to refugees in Kenya and Uganda.

As part of the education management programme Windle directly employs more than 3000 staff in schools, most of whom are teachers, constructs classrooms, staff housing and latrines, provides materials and trains school governors and managers and parent teacher associations, and engages with families and communities to promote education.

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UNHCR-(Secondary Education Program)  £2,650,000 11,084 4,148 Support of 12 refugee secondary schools- Dadaab (7) and Kakuma (5). Funding caters for day to day running of schools including teacher employment and school supplies and equipment. 4 of the schools operate a double stream so there are actually 16 schools in total.
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UNHCR (Early Childhood Programme)

28,356 refugees

14,167 14,189 107 Early Childhood Development Centres: support and incentives for volunteers.
UNHCR (Primary Schools in refugee settlements)
110,735 refugees
59,776 50,959 WTU supports 85 Primary Schools supporting the education of 110,735 refugee children and a further 55,000 Uganda nationals living alongside the refugees.

UNHCR-(Secondary Education Programme)

4,985 Total refugeees






WTU supports or manages 16 secondary schools in refugee settlements across Uganda, serving 4985 refugees and about half that number of nationals. WTU employs the teachers and providing textbooks, classrooms, desks, IT support, teacher development, special support for girls and the disabled, training of school committees and PTAs

 TOTAL  £6,420,000
UKAID through Mott MacDonald – GESS Programme £1,170,000 c1500 schools The Girls Education for South Sudan supports schools across South Sudan with capitation grants, grants to the families of girls, teacher development and support of the government at State, county and payam level. Windle coordinates the work in 30% of South Sudan
UNHCR _ Education Programme for South Sudanese in Greater Khartoum State £224,500 10,000 in total Access to quality education to many of the estimated 23,000 school age South Sudanese. Key activities include community awareness campaigns to promote education, training for teachers, school inspectors, Parent Teacher Association members, an Accelerated Learning Programme for those who have dropped out of school or missed education, provision of school desks and benches and teaching and learning materials, payment of exam fees, teacher incentives, construction and renovation of classrooms and latrines and support to schools for other school improvements. This will directly benefit around 10,000 pupils in 10 schools in addition to the 140 adults receiving training.