Dadaab – Two in One Schools

In December 2015, there were 150,000 school-age children in Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya and only five secondary schools.

There were no funds to build more physical facilities…

Windle decided to take an innovative approach.  Enlisting the help of teachers and the refugee community together with UNHCR support, Windle organised the Two-in-One programme so that two schools could operate from the same building:  one from 6.30am to 12.30 and the next from 12.30 to 6.30pm.  In one stroke, doubling the number of children who could access secondary education in the camp.

This Windle programme has been so successful that UNHCR is now considering running similar schemes in refugee camps across the globe.

Windle is always looking for the most effective ways to provide education.  We seek out the opportunity for the most vulnerable to be the architects of their own future by supporting refugees and other conflict-affected individuals to access education from primary schooling to the highest level of educational attainment.  By working together with conflict-affected communities, Windle is improving lives and prospects for refugees across East Africa.

Giving refugees hope, when they are at their most vulnerable, and skills to contribute to the development of their societies allows for a better future and works towards future peace.  This is already having an impact as Windle Scholars demonstrate a capacity for mature leadership and are working together to strengthen their society across the region.

Albert Einstein, also a refugee, understood this well and his foundation – DAFI – is a charity which works closely with Windle throughout East Africa both dedicated to promoting self-reliance of refugees through providing professional qualifications for future employment and contributing to the development of critical human resources that may be needed in the restoration of refugees’ home countries.

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