BHER – A University Degree in a Refugee Camp???

The tragedy of lives lost by refugees desperately trying to cross treacherous waters and other dangerous elements in search of a better future is well-known.

What if a better future could be provided from within a refugee camp?

The Borderless Higher Education for Refugees programme – undertaken in collaboration with Canadian Universities –  is another ground-breaking initiative pioneered by Windle.  Providing facilities and supporting individuals to study for a University degree without leaving the refugee camp using distance learning, broadening the scope of provision dramatically and fighting against the need for refugees to flee to European and North American destinations.

The BHER programme is just another example of the way in which Windle is improving the life of refugees and enhancing future prospects for individuals and peaceful development.  Refugees are gaining life-long skills within the camp that will support them, their families and communities and allow for a more peaceful return to their country of origin, with skilled and competent professionals able to begin the reconstruction of countries torn apart by war and lack of infrastructure.

The opportunity to graduate with a fully-accredited degree from York University or Vancouver in Canada diminishes the need to put lives at risk by fleeing to find a better future.

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